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Therapeutic Placement Consulting

When parents come to the realization that home or current school environments are no longer an option for their pre-teen, teen or young adult, I can help by finding proper placement. I have been assisting parents for years in finding the best fit in treatment. Using my clinical skills as a licensed professional counselor and licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor for 25 years, I can provide parents with specialized direction on making such a difficult and emotional decision.

Some parents seek direction due to:

  • Pre-teen, teen or young adult with school refusal due to extreme anxiety
  • Mental health Issues
  • Multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Issues of defiance or involvement with the wrong crowd
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

A clinically, research based approach is utilized to determine the best placement options for the student identified as having these “special needs”. Programs are visited and researched to ensure they are credible, compassionate and to determine their clinical level of care. I am an independent consultant, therefore maintaining ethical and objective boundaries when choosing a program for a student and their family. It is vital to understand the workings of each program to ensure proper placement.

My placement services include:

  • A review of all records; educational, psychological, psychiatric evaluations, medical
  • Phone interview with school, therapist, psychiatrist, psychiatric hospitals when available
  • Intake and interview with parents
  • Interview with the student
  • Educate parents on placement process and levels of care
  • Give recommendations and information for placement options
  • Admissions assistance for program family selects
  • Follow student while in program; Work with treatment teamto ensure treatment goals are met
  • Assist in recommendations for transition when student completes program

Member of NATSAP, the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs